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OpSuite is a class-leading retail management software solution, ideal for businesses in a whole range of industry sectors that want to consolidate complex processes and boost productivity. It offers the tools you need to take charge of everything from stock management to promotion administration all from one user-friendly dashboard, and if you’re about to take the jump to the online channel you’re going to want to take this system with you. Luckily, we can help.

we at CzarGroup can take your current OpSuite system and can integrate it with a brand new Magento platform, bridging the gap between your online and offline operations to provide a single point of contact between your ecommerce system and your physical store.

With this way of operating you can look forward to:

IMPROVED STOCK MANAGEMENT thanks to the direct link from website to warehouse, with stock levels being updated on a real-time basis so you can reorder efficiently and giving the chance for you to reach optimum stock levels.
BETTER CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE as customers can place online orders based on current availability, avoiding disappointment later down the line, and their details will be automatically saved from initial point of contact to streamline the distribution process.
EFFICIENT ACCOUNTS AND SALES PROCESSES as information is updated automatically, with details being accessed from any location for an instant overview of company performance.
MARKETING BENEFIT thanks to accurate, up-to-date reports that can improve business intelligence, and customer purchases can be tracked for valuable insight into shopping habits.
TIME AND COST SAVINGS with the autonomous nature of the system meaning admin time can be reduced across the board (employees won’t need to manually update stock levels on the website, for example), cutting costs and reducing staffing hours in the process.

OpSuite offers a powerful integration layer called OpServices which allows deep integration to and/or from most any application. This means that when you move to OpSuite, you don’t have to change every other part of your infrastructure. In fact, you can keep those existing solutions that suit your needs and add to their power by integrating them to OpSuite.

Want to see how OpSuite/Magento integration can work for your business? Then contact us and we’ll get the process started.